Bob's classes are each a 16-hour workshop that is held over either four 4-hour days or two 8-hour days. You will get a chance to do 3-4 scenes on camera and watch them back with notes and commentary. Everyone begins with the New Student class, which is currently $575. Actors then move on to the Advanced level ($475), and after completion of three Advanced workshops, graduate to the Master class ($395), which you may take as many times as you like.


If you are interested in taking class, please send your details to . We are happy to keep your email on-file and will contact you when we have availability. Classes are scheduled 2-5 weeks in advance and we typically have one-to-two New Student Classes each month.


There are typically 18 students in each New Student class, and 15-16 actors in the Advanced and Master levels.

As much as we understand the request and would love to accommodate it, it is more important to protect the actors’ privacy in the room and keep the class size small. Because of this, auditing is not allowed.

As Bob covers a great deal of information in the New Student class that forms the foundation for the approach, as well as for continued study, everyone who has not previously studied with Bob must start with this class.

Workshops are scheduled 2-5 weeks in advance. All confirmed dates are posted on this website as soon as we know them.

All private coaching inquiries may be directed to

Bob does occasionally hold workshops in LA. If you are interested in studying with Bob in LA, please send your details to - we’re happy to add you to our LA interest list.

Krakower class credits never expire. If you have previously studied with Bob and would like to know your options for continued study, please reach out to us at .




Please note that in One on One's system, wait lists are specific to each class and only provide notification if a spot opens up in that class and/or notification for the next-scheduled session (they do not roll-over to subsequent months). If you do not obtain a spot in any given month, please resign-up on the wait list for notification of the next month’s dates

One on One NYC is best able to assist you with any One on One-related issues or inquiries. You may contact them directly at -