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Bob on SetBob Krakower is recognized as one of the top acting teachers and coaches in the business. His clients have been nominated for the Academy, Emmy, and Tony Awards. He is currently creating inaugural on-camera acting programs at UNCSA and Juilliard. He has been on guest faculties at Yale, Harvard, & NYU. Sought after by studios, networks, producers, and actors, he works from his home base in New York, while maintaining a schedule of coaching on set for film and television around the country. Click here for Frequently Asked Questions.


Upcoming Classes

Classes are in-session. 

In-person classes are available in our brand-new studio in NYC. Please review our COVID-19 Protocols for in-person services.


And we will continue to offer Zoom classes for those farther afield. 


Weekly, on-going classes are currently being offered by the following associate coaches: Vance Barber, Jess Cummings, Josh Mendelow and Eric Reis. 


Bob is currently offering both in-person and Zoom workshop classes to qualifying students.


For general inquiries regarding the New Student workshop, please reach out to info@bobkrakower.com 


For all inquiries from current and previous Krakower students, including questions regarding Bob's upcoming Advanced & Master workshops and all associate coach classes, please contact Keri at keri@bobkrakower.com

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Bob on 1st in line: Bob on “The Chazz Palminteri"

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BK · BK on The Chazz Palminteri Show

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To Subscribe to Paul's Podcast: "Inside Out with Paul Mecurio" Go to paulmecurio.com.


New Studio

2 Classrooms, 2 Taperooms, 2000 sq ft

LIVE - From New York...

A return to in-person classes ... at our new location!


After a lifetime of renting rooms in other people’s houses, we are happy to announce that we finally have our own. Located two blocks from every subway in New York City and a short walk to Broadway, our new home can be found at 134 West 29th Street, #804, between 6th & 7th Avenues.


With all that has happened over the last two years, we have immense gratitude for all of you who joined us on Zoom as we all learned a new way of creating community. In the end, however, there is simply no replacement for the fellowship and friendship created by being in a room together.


Now... as we’ve never had a home until now, we’ve also never had a name. Over the years, our actorshave often become each other’s colleagues, collaborators, and friends;around the world and coast-to-coast, they’ve affectionately come to refer to each other as members of‘the BK gang.


And so, at their suggestion,we're making the name official: the BKgang As many of you know, for the last decade we’ve had the good fortune of having great independent teachers/coachesworking for us-each of whom trained with us and started out as a new student once upon a time. Besides being terrific at their jobs, it turns out the five of them also happen to be the nicest, kindest, and most generous people you’d ever hope to meet.


They are:

Jess Cummings

Gameela Wright

Vance Barber

Josh Mendelow

Eric Reis


For all in-person classes/coaching, vaccines and boosters will be required and masks will ebb and flow based on CDC COVID-19 alert levels. While the majority of our classes will be in-person, for those who are unvaccinated or out of town, we’ll continue to offer class/coaching on Zoom as well.


We look forward to seeing you in our new digs on 29thStreet. And as always,we wish you nothing but the best.


With gratitude -


Bob Krakower

Keri Uribe and the BK gang