Rooney Mara “He’s a master at understanding people and situations. That not only makes him great at helping you break down a scene, it also makes him a  great teacher in that he understands different people have differnt ways of learning.”

 ⎯ Rooney Mara

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A graduate of Tufts University, Bob Krakower started his teaching career at San Francisco’s famed American Conservatory Theatre. Shepherded by the company’s founder and Artistic Director (William Ball) and the Conservatory Director (Allen Fletcher), he was teaching first year graduate acting, directing projects, and given the job of Associate Director of Conservatory, at the age of twenty-four.  He worked in the same capacity under Mr. Fletcher at the National Theatre Conservatory as well.

In 1986, Krakower took over the acting program at another landmark institution, the Tony Award winning Actors Theatre of Louisville, where he also served as a resident director for the company. He was one of the main creative forces behind ATL’s Shorts Festivals, producing and/or directing over 100 projects, including world-premieres by Howard Korder, Lanford Wilson, Jane Anderson, and Jane Martin, and many more.

In 1996-97, Krakower took over as Director of the Atlantic Theatre Company Acting School, running both the Professional and NYU Undergraduate Divisions. He – along with Earl Gister (Yale), Lloyd Richards (Broadway) and J. Michael Miller (NYU) – is a founding faculty member of The Actor’s Center in New York.  He has been a guest teacher at Yale, Harvard, & NYU and helped create Screen Acting Programs at UNCSA and Juilliard, where he is currently teaching.

On set w/ actors Michael Strahan &
Daryl “Chill” Mitchell 

In addition to his rich theatrical background, he spent a much cherished year learning the business at the famed Susan Smith & Associates.  And he has worked in film & television casting for several projects on ABC, Paramount, HBO, Nickelodeon, and others.

As an on-camera director he has helmed multiple television episodes, and his most recent film “John Pinette: You Go Now” was selected as the opening night feature at Cinequest Film Festival.

For over twenty-five years, Krakower has coached on countless films and television productions, hired by the studios, networks, producers, writers, directors, production companies and actors alike. At his studio in New York he teaches one of the longest-running acting classes in the city. And whether he’s working with students, celebrities, stand-ups or actors, he does so with what Emmy Award Winning Director Michael Lembeck has called “the most passionate, kindest, and brightest approach I’ve ever seen.”

He lives in New York City.

“As an acting coach, Bob has proven, time and again, to be an essential piece to the production puzzle.”

⎯ Joe Davola 

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“Working with Bob is a brilliant throw-back to the scene work I did with Stella Adler and Morris Carnovsky. He’s a remarkably intelligent and sensitive coach who can help you exact a place where the character starts and lives, and then through his acute observations of both you and the text, urge you to a very real and dynamic place. He has coached me on two Broadway plays and several tv auditions. He is a rare combination of your most sage theatre professor and the coolest tv/film producer all wrapped up in one. His ability to make me feel I can fulfill any material — be it “A Streetcar Named Desire” or a scene from “Seinfeld” — is unparalleled .

⎯ Jessica Hecht

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“I would need more space and time than I have to list the reasons I love working with Bob. No one in this business cares more about actors than he does.”

⎯ Nikki M. James

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“He has completely changed the way I look at every script, whether it’s film,TV or theatre. And on top of that, he happens to be one of the greatest people you will ever meet.”

 ⎯ Aaron Tveit

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“Bob is simply the best teacher of the craft that I have ever come across. The detail work that he employs incomparable. The care that he takes with actors is unmatched. To put simply, I am ten times a better actor today because of having worked with him”

⎯ Glenn Davis

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“This guy is the real deal.”

 ⎯ Chazz Palmintieri

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“Bob is without question the best acting teacher and coach I have ever had the privilege to observe. He has a savant-like ability to key into an individual actor’s process, and to help them recognize their own strengths, weaknesses, habits, potentials…with results that can really be transformational. He does it all in a refreshingly down to earth and non-invasive way. I can’t recommend him highly enough. “

⎯ Kathleen Chopin

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“I insist all my clients that need to work on their craft run not walk to Bob’s class. The results are remarkable.”

⎯ Rhonda Price 

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“I have been a working director for a long time. Often I am asked…”where should I study?”, “…..who do you recommend as an acting teacher?” This is a significant question. It is a question I take a lot of responsibility for before responding. For me, there is only one answer. I have sat in the back and observed more acting classes then one can imagine…”

 ⎯ Michael Lembeck 

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